English Language Preparation Course

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English Language Course

English Language has been essential in modern era. Although most of the students learn English In their school, college and University life nevertheless, they are unable to speak English fluently. In fact, we do not have environment where we can practice daily in order to improve English.

Firstly, I would like to tell you the science of learning any language of the world. Language consists of 4 skills: Reading, Writing, Listening & speaking.

To illustrate, Reading and writing is parallel. For instance, if you can read English, you can also speak English. Similarly, Listening and speaking is parallel. If you can read English, you can also write English. Let’s make it easier for you, the person who is dump he is also Deaf. Means if you cannot listen English so, definitely you can also not speak English.

In addition to this, you must understand two skills:

  • Receptive Skills
  • Productive Skills

Receptive skills mean input e.g.: Listening and Reading.

Productive skills mean output e.g.: writing and Speaking

We are always appreciated by our productive skills because it is our performance and to improve your performance you must emphasize your Receptive skill that is: Listening and Reading. By keeping the importance of English Language in the view we have designed English Language Course which will surely be helpful to improve your English in a shorter time with proven techniques. This course has two modules, Basic and Advance. In Basic we will cover parts of Speech, Tenses, Modules, vocabularies, presentations skills and boost up confidence and in advance course we will focus on discussions, debating business writing.