IBA Test Preparation In Karachi

Get IBA test preparation in Karachi from the best and experienced tutors & teachers at Sir Shirazi Academy.

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About IBA

The Institute of Business Administration, Karachi is one of Pakistan’s leading business schools based in Karachi with its two campuses.

IBA Programs

  • BBA Program
  • BBA Entrepreneurship Program
  • BS (Computer Science) Program
  • BS (Economics & Mathematics)
  • BS (Accounting & Finance)
  • BS (Social Sciences)

Admissions to IBA

Master’s Admissions are held usually at the end of May/early June. BBA Admissions are held usually at the end of June/early July. BS admissions are held in July and in November.

The admission process in IBA is composed of three steps:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Interview
  • Group Discussion

IBA Test Preparation In Karachi

This program is conducted in the group because no of people join us from different walk of life for the single goal. on first visit candidates are assessed with diagnostic test. As per result of diagnostic test we develop study program which varies person to person. We give individual attention to every student because to get required score we need to judge weakness of every student and let him know how to cope up with this with extended practice material in order to boost up skills that required excelling.

In addition, teacher check every candidate`s report on daily bases and deal accordingly throughout his preparation and guide him in an optimal manner. Furthermore, no of lectures are given on all major topics and revised if necessary.

Usually we conduct 2 classes per week of two hours each, Normal preparation consists of 3 classes per week of two hours each, for about 3 months. If a candidate can pick up quickly or willing to give more hours in double shifts regularly so he will be able to complete the preparation with in 2 months.

Special features:

  • Diagnostic Tests
  • class room activities
  • Assessment & Evaluations
  • Full-length Tests
  • Past Paper Practice
  • Updated material